Geograph Channel Islands
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WV4475 : Brecqhou and Gouliot
Seen from near the Pilcher monument on Sark. Guernsey is visible in the distance. Brecqhou is private, and access is strictly prohibited. It might cost you more to visit Brecqhou than to fly Virgin Galactic into space!
WV4574 : Little Sark
Seen from the southern end of Sark, with La Coupée connecting them. This is a natural link, although clearly the track surface is artificial. There are, I think, very steep and potentially dangerous paths down to the beaches on each side of La Coupée. Before the fences were erected, even just crossing the link could be hazardous in strong winds.
WA5605 : Fourquie (left) and La Nace, off the south-west coast of Alderney
These sea stacks, stated to be 38m and 48m high, qualify as British Isles TuMPs (i.e. with a drop of 30m or more). They look horrendous to me, but no doubt someone has climbed them.
WA5507 : Fort Clonque, Alderney
The causeway is tidal, although I suspect that it is covered only for a short period near high tide. The islet in the distance is, I believe, Ortac.
WA5808 : Braye beach and Fort Albert, Alderney
WA5808 : Braye Bay and St Anne, Alderney
Seen from Fort Albert.
WA5808 : Saye Bay, Alderney
Seen from the north side of Fort Albert.
WA5606 : Alderney Airport
Looking towards the (rather modest) control tower from the highest point on Alderney. At least, it is recognised as such, although (as can be seen) the whole area is so flat that it is difficult to be sure that a trivially higher point is not lurking somewhere.
WV4675 : The island of Sark
Seen from the end of the south breakwater in St Peter Port, Guernsey.
WV3478 : Breakwater in St Peter Port harbour
WV3477 : Castle Cornet, St Peter Port, Guernsey
The castle overlooks the harbour.
WV3478 : St Peter Port harbour, Guernsey
Looking out to Jethou. Castle Cornet is on the right.
WV6548 : St Helier from Fort Regent
Looking just north of west, towards St Aubin's Bay.
WV6555 : Les Platons, Jersey
Looking east-south-east from the rock marking the highest point of Jersey, the view is, as so often, spoilt by the communications station.
WV6555 : Les Platons, Jersey
Looking west-north-west towards Bonne Nuit bay. The stone in the foreground marks the highest point on Jersey, though there are many other points in the vicinity of similar height.