Names for Different Sized Squares

This page is born out of the confusion of what to call different sized squares. The proposal is to refer to the squares as referenced in the top line of the table below; included in the table are various other names it could be called by.

Geograph Name Centisquare Gridsquare Hectad Myriad
Size 100m x 100m 1km x 1km 10km x 10km 100km x 100km
Area in km (square kilometres) 0.01km² 1km² 100km² 10,000km²
Area in m (square metres) 10,000m² 1,000,000m² 100,000,000m² 10,000,000,000m²
Length of Side in km 0.1km 1km 10km 100km
Length of Side in m 100m 1,000m 10,000m 100,000m
Modern Landranger Maps       100 000 metre square
Interactive Guide
& One-Inch Maps
  1km squares 10km squares 100km squares
Example Grid Reference TQ562583 TQ5658 TQ55 TQ
Common Name     Tile
(OS sell digital data in Tiles)
(from here)
Official Name     Hectad
( from Wikipedia)
Other Possible Names (suggestions?) Monad Hundred, Wapentake  
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